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Why Support NEF
The Northville Educational Foundation Supports Students And Educators In All 10 Northville Public Schools

— that is more than 7,800 Northville Public Schools students and educators each year. Our goal is to help Northville Public Schools provide children with the finest educational experience possible. 

When you support Northville Public Schools through the Northville Educational Foundation, you are also supporting our community as a whole. Strong public schools are the foundation of a strong community, where businesses can recruit employees, people want to live, and property values are higher. 

But why do we need private dollars to support programs in Northville Public Schools? Aren't I already paying toward Northville schools in my property taxes? 

In 1994, funding for Michigan public schools changed dramatically with the passage of Proposal A. Since then, only a small fraction of school taxes stay in the district. With the exception of special limited millages, such as sinking fund and tech, about 85 percent of tax revenue goes to Lansing. The predominant source of revenue for public schools is now the per pupil foundation amount established by the state legislature each year. 

As Michigan’s economy had declined, the state issued multiple executive order cuts in school funding, and for decades, the state’s funding allocation to schools has not kept pace with inflation.

The Foundation stepped up "during a time when the School District literally had the rug pulled out from underneath us from a school funding perspective – the District was holding Managing Our Future Community Forums – which led to over 10 million dollars in cost saving actions that included sacrifices on the part of our teachers, staff, parents and families.

"We would not have been able to add programming to uphold Northville’s longstanding Tradition of Excellence during a time of such significant reductions without Northville Educational Foundation’s commitment to attract, manage, and distribute charitable gifts to provide educational opportunities that enhance Northville Public Schools’ commitment to educational excellence.”

- Mary Kay Gallagher, Superintendent, Northville Public Schools

Simply put, the district does not have the resources it needs to fund the full spectrum of programs which our students deserve. It now takes direct support from generous donors like you.

When you support NEF, you provide immediate resources that help meet the needs of the district and provide many programs that advance the culture of learning and leadership for our students.
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