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Star Wars Premiere
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Yes! We are doing a Premiere for the Han Solo Movie 
on May 24! Buy tickets now!

The Northville Educational Foundation (NEF) is excited to announce a special early screening of SOLO: A Star Wars Story at Emagine Theater in Novi, at 7:00 pm on Thursday, May 24th, the day before its official release date.

This special early screening, one day before the movie’s official release date, is presented by Jeffrey Jaghab DDS, Stephanie Jaghab, DDS & Associates and will benefit the Northville Educational Foundation. We would also like to thank Goldfish Swim School for sponsoring the premier.

We are doing things a little differently this time. You will now be able to reserve your seats when you purchase your tickets and then print your tickets off at home!

Two auditoriums at Emagine Novi have been reserved exclusively for NEF.
Ticket prices are as follows:

Super-EMAX: $32-$35 each* ($15-$18 of which is tax-deductible)
The largest PLF screen in Michigan. Measuring 92 feet wide by 48 feet tall.
* Depending on seat location. “Cuddle Seats" will be sold in pairs.

EMAX:  $27-$30 each* ($12-$15 of which is tax-deductible)
* "Depending on seat location. “Cuddle Seats" will be sold in pairs.

Take advantage of this opportunity to be among the first to see this highly anticipated movie with nearly 500 other Northville Public Schools supporters.

Tickets are limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. 

This opportunity will sell out fast, so don't wait, purchase TODAY!

May the Force Be With You!

See the trailer here.
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