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For the past twenty years, wonderful community members like you have helped provide amazing educational opportunities for the students and teachers of Northville. It is your donations that give our kids experiences beyond the typical in the classroom. 

COVID has impacted everything. We anticipate the upcoming months, and even the upcoming year, will be challenging for everyone. We worry about what the economy will do to our families and our community. We know it will impact school funding making it more difficult for our District to meet the needs of our students.

We need you. Donors like you are essential to our success. We know many of you are dealing with your own challenges, however, if you are in a position to donate, we sincerely hope you will. Every gift matters. Your donation will make a difference to our kids.

Regardless of what lies ahead, NEF will continue to be an integral part of supporting the educational opportunities, programs and resources offered at the Northville Public Schools. Our goal is to continue to work with parents, teachers, staff, organizations and community members to help give our kids amazing educational opportunities. . . whether it be in the classroom or over the computer. 

On behalf of everyone who works so hard and gives so much to enrich the education of our children, please donate!

Thank you!

George Fekaris                        Christa Howley
President                                  Director

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