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Board Of Directors
The Northville Educational Foundation, a Michigan 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is governed by the Northville Educational Foundation Board of Directors.

Board members are volunteers and include school parents and community members residing in the Northville Public Schools district, as well as retired teachers and alumni that may reside outside the district. Directors are generally elected to three-year terms. Board members set the policies and procedures for the organization, as well as oversee its financial aspects. In addition, Board members assist with fundraising, volunteering in the community and awarding grants to the schools. 

The Northville Educational Foundation currently has openings for Board members. To learn more about eligibility and requirements, contact NEF at 248.344.3503 or by email.


George S. Fekaris, President (bio)
Mark Baker, Vice President (bio)
Martha Michalak, Secretary
Don Price, Treasurer (bio)
Eric Barritt, Director (bio)
Dan Ferrara, Director
Scott Frush, Director 
Jeffrey Jaghab, Director​ (bio)
David Longridge III, Director
Dan Lyczak, Director
Priya Marwah, Director
J.R. Mills, Director
Jodie Roden, Director

Ex-Officio Directors
Mary Kay Gallagher 
Aaron Baughman
Suzanne Lynn
Brad O'Neill

Director Emeritus
Kim Cooke
​Todd Knickerbocker
Ken Roth
Libby Smith
Amy Storm
Northville Educational Foundation ®   //  405 W Main Street   //  Northville, MI 48167   //   248.344.8458  //  email us
Northville Educational Foundation ®   //  405 W Main Street   //  Northville, MI 48167   //   248.344.8458  //  email us